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Data & Communications

We have experience & interest in many of the options with low voltage systems.  Some of what we can offer are  This division of Fuller Electric handles all the voice and data applications as well as software and hardware configuration for your network PCs.

We now offer DSL and Cable modem solutions for your home network as well as your small business needs. We can custom design and install a variety of systems to suit your particular situation. All installations are fully tested and certified. We are familiar with installation of all category types of wire and we specialize in single and multi-mode fiber optics.

Need a new network? Our specialists can work with you to design and implement a new network, adapt or change the current network or help to expand it or growth and expansion of your business. We can handle a small home based network of one on DSL or Cable modem to a couple computers to a full wide area network of multiple buildings in various locations.

Looking for a new fire or security system? We can design for you a full system, complete with access management, energy management and multiple zone security. We install CCTV, CATV, Fire, Security, Energy management and access control systems that meet your needs.

Want to build your next dream home? We can help with installing home automation, computer networks, and entertainment systems to meet your needs. We can even install the phone and cable TV outlets wherever you feel that you'd like them to be.

Is your building over run with cables and wires? We can help you implement a cable management system, blueprint your site, and remove all unused cables. We can even tell you what each wire is for, what's on that wire, and if the wire is meeting the needs of the data or signals that are transmitting on it.

Looking at adding a cell site? One of the things we pride ourselves on is installing Cellular transmission sites for US West, Sprint and Western Wireless. We take care of all electrical, grounding, any required communications including Lucent equipment, and trenching. Please call us for competitive pricing.

We are a full service contractor in the areas of commercial, residential and industrial manufacturing. We would be proud to help you on your next project. We can custom blend a variety of vendors products to meet your needs.


We have experience & interest in many of the options with low voltage systems.

Some of what we can offer are:
  •  Structured cabling systems for Video, Telecommunications,
          Security, Audio Distribution
  •  Intercoms & Telephone Systems
  •  Security Systems - Hardwired. Wireless & Hybrids
  •  Remote Control Lighting using Power Line Carrier Technologies
  •  Low Voltage Architectural and Landscape Lighting
  •  Access Controls-keypad, proximity readers
  •  CCTV-Security Cameras, Modulation, Time Lapse Recording
  •  Satellite and Cable TV installations & distribution
  •  Computer LAN and WAN Networks & Topology

Fuller Electric can even obtain Microsoft or Novell Certified experts to assist in design and implementation of networks for your business as the situations warrant.

Training & Knowledge base

Levelton Controls Certified
Fiber optic splicing and terminations -
  ST & SC, simplex & duplex
Regulations and Standards
EIA-TIA 568 Commercial
EIA-TIA 570 Residential
State WAC's & RCW's
Cabling & Termination
Category 5 wiring - RJ45, Distribution Blocks
RG-6 & RG-59U

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